Boys Varsity Football · Scrimmage against East Ridge

Terrell Walden, (10), receiver for West Orange.

Early Saturday morning August 10, 2019, West Orange High School hosted a scrimmage with football teams from other schools.

This is the first time West Orange Football program participated in this event with it’s new coach, Dee Brown.

Coach Dee Brown was a former Syracuse running back and NFL veteran. Coach Brown is also 18 months away from becoming a doctor.

Coach Brown felt very confident in how his new team performed this past weekend. “I felt that the team was very focused, I think they are young guys that did an awesome job for their first time in live action and it really wasn’t a scrimmage for our older kids but more of our underclassmen if you will,” explained Coach Brown.

“They performed well if I had to grade them out, they all played really good and I’m very happy with the outcome.” The Warriors played East Ridge High School and won with the score of 34-0.


Alex Wells, (11), defensive tackle for West Orange

Coach Brown’s expectations for the team for their upcoming game against Bishop Moore Catholic School, on August 16, 2019, is set high and he is very determined to win. “Win! Win! Win! But the right way, there is a difference, a lot of people say win and that’s all they worry about but with sports, leadership, teamwork and determination matter most,” said Brown.

It looks like a promising year for the Warriors, “Our goal is always to win the opener, win the conference, and host the first round of the playoffs,” stated Brown.