Multiple Teams · 2020 Football FAQs


1. When are 9th/JV tryouts?
Monday – Wednesday 8/31-9/2
3:00 – 4:10 PM

2. Do 9th/JV tryouts require a mask?

3. Has the 9th/JV season been canceled?
Currently it has been POSTPONED until the 2nd Semester
4. Should the athlete make Varsity, are they required to switch or remain in Launch Ed?

5. If the Athlete does not make the Varsity roster, are they required to do Launch ED?
By wearing a face mask for the tryout, they would be allowed to remain Face to Face should
they not make the Varsity roster.

6. Coach do you recommend the Varsity Athletes remain at home for Launch Ed?

7. Coach are the Varsity Athletes REQUIRED to stay home?
No, however to reduce all risk, I recommend they do Launch Ed from home.

8. Does the Varsity Athlete have to remain in the “Bubble Classroom” all day long?
YES, they are allowed to get lunch but must eat it in the classroom.

9. Can the Student workout in weights class during the school day even if it is the last class?
NO, they will be lifting after school.

10. How do I switch my Student from Face to Face to Launch Ed?
They have been asked in HUDL to respond YES to Coach Granato, but a List of their names will
be given to our Administration and they will handle the “switch.” They are not required to
come to the school for any part of the process.

11. Coach how will the students get help with Academics if they are in your room all day?
Fortunately, Coach Granato is certified in History, Reading, and Learning Strategies as well as
monitored OCVS/FLVS classes for the last three years.

12. If I know my Son is a 9th/JV player do they HAVE to tryout?