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The Top 10 Questions Asked Regarding Sports Physicals

The Top 10 Questions Asked Regarding Sports Physicals

  1. How often does my child have to have a physical completed

Sports physicals are valid for one calendar year.  Each student is required to complete a new sports physical each year.  Sports Screening Physicals are given once a year at the school by the school’s team orthopedic doctor.  This usually takes place at the end of the school year at a cost of $15.00. Physicals can be completed by your personal family physician if parent/guardian desires.

  1. Can I use my regular physician for a sports physical exam?

Yes. However, the physical exam information should be placed on FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (EL2 Form-updated 3/16). Forms are available on our web-site (in the Athletic Trainers tab under Physicals). Forms are available in the front office or upon request from the athletic director or the certified athletic trainer. Additional paperwork must also be filled out.

  1. What paperwork is necessary for my child to be cleared to participate in athletics?
  • OCPS Student Athlete Release form, (2) FHSAA EL2- Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (3) FHSAA EL3- Consent and Release from Liability Certificate (4) Verification of Residency Form (5) Emergency Treatment (EMT) Authorization Cards-One per sport (6) Waiver for Off-Season Sports Activites. Partial, or incomplete paperwork will NOT be accepted.
  1. Does my child have to have an additional physical(s) to play multiple                                 sports?

No, unless the parent or doctor has indicated that the athlete cannot participate in a specific sport. This would require the athlete to be cleared by the physician in order to participate or the parent would have to fill out another EL3 Liability Certificate.

  1. Does my child’s school physical exam count as a valid sports physical exam?

No. OCPS requires that proper paperwork be completed on the FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (EL2 Form-updated 3/16).  Records are kept separately from athletic forms and students’ personal academic records.  If you have already gotten a school physical, and now do not elect to have an additional sports physical. Ask your doctor if he/she will fill out the paperwork for an FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (EL2 Form-updated 3/16).

  1. If my child has to transfer to another school during the school year, how valid is their physical and what process is involved to transfer forms?

If your child transfers to another OCPS school, only page 2 of the EL2 is valid and will transfer. This must be picked up during withdrawal from West Orange. All other forms will need to be filled out for the new OCPS school your child has transferred to.  If moving to another county or state, it is under the new school district’s discretion if they will accept the FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form (EL2 Form-updated 3/16). 

  1. Where do they turn all completed sports screening physical forms?

All forms should be turned in to the Certified Athletic Trainers ONLY!  Paperwork should be turned in to Ms. Gianoli, Mr. Laws or Mr. Taylor in room 315 or at the Field House Athletic Training Room during 7th Period or after school .If the athlete chooses to turn in a physical during school, he/she must come during his/her 7th period ONLY! Passes will NOT be given to class.

  1. If my child receives an injury during school athletic events and requires medical attention, what will OCPS cover for medical expenses?

OCPS is a secondary coverage policy.  Your primary insurance provider will pay its covered portion.  If your primary doesn’t pay full payment, the OCPS insurance provider may pay for some of the remainder. Specific rules and guidelines accompany this rule. Further information can be received by contacting the Certified Athletic Trainer.

  1.  I currently have no insurance coverage for my child who is interested in       playing sports, what happens if he becomes injured and needs medical attention

OCPS will normally cover any injuries to any athlete as long as the athlete is participating IN SEASON. This does not guarantee full payment by the secondary insurance, so there will be out of pocket costs. OCPS secondary insurance will not medically cover any athlete who is participating in a sport who chooses to participate out of season. For this reason it is advisable that every child have his/her own insurance. To find out specific in season, or out of season dates, refer to FHSAA website or please contact Adam Miller (Athletic Director).

  1. What medical personnel can give my child a physical?

           OCPS accepts physicals from any licensed Physicians, Physicians Assistants, or       Nurse Practitioners